Translation Teams
16th of October 2011
All the language translations are now hosted by Transifex. An excellent translation management company that offers its services free to open source projects like ClaSS. Anyone who has contributed to any of the exisitng 6 translations, or anyone who wants to start a new one, are encouraged to create an account with Transiflex and join the ClaSS translation team for their language.

Loading chart... blog
12th of October 2011
ClaSS now has a blog dedicated to sharing tips and adivce from across the community of schools using ClaSS. will also be the first place to look for details of new features.

New public release ClaSS-0.9.38
12th of April 2011
A new release of ClaSS to ensure compatibility with Firefox 4. It also includes a host of improvements and new features. Most notable of which is the transport module. Please check the Changelog for details and apply the patches to your db if upgrading. Now available for download from ClaSS-0.9.38.

Chinese translation available
26th of August 2010
I can't pretend to read any of it but thanks go to You Zhongxi (littlefish) for translating ClaSS in to Chinese. Now available for download as a separate dropin language pack Chinese Language Pack.

Release update ClaSS-0.9.20
24th of May 2010
Another file relase wasn't planned before the 1.0 version is ready. However, the recent upgrade to Firefox 3.6, as well as introducing some impressive speed gains to the user experience also introduced a compatibility issue with the way reports are displayed in ClaSS. This 0.9.20 release of ClaSS is being made available to fix those issues and you get a host of new stuff in to the bargain. Now available for download from ClaSS-0.9.20.

New public release ClaSS-0.9.1
6th of August 2009
The public file relase has been updated, now available for download is ClaSS-0.9.1 just in time for the new academic year. Note the new major version number and an arbitary logic which implies a 1.0 release in 2010.

Git repository
4th of August 2009
The source code repository has been migrated from subversion to git. This happened back in April for the development team but the public repository has only now been updated to match. You can browse the source code or chekcout a copy using: git clone git://

New public release ClaSS-0.8.68
14th of April 2009
The public file relase has been updated, now available for download is ClaSS-0.8.68. For the most up-to-date release information use the project RSS feed.

New public release ClaSS-0.8.40
25th of February 2008
Another turn of the wheel towards that 1.0 release there are lots of feature additions and some important bug-fixes; see the CHANGELOG for details. ClaSS-0.8.40 is available for download from sourceforge.

New school term - new ClaSS-0.8.29 release
19th of September 2007
Working step by step towards that 1.0 release there is no major version upgrade for the new academic year this time around. There is though a new file release with lots of fixes, improvements and some new features such as an incident tracking system. ClaSS-0.8.29 is available for download from sourceforge.

ZDNet reports on openSUSE and ClaSS
31st of May 2007
Some press coverage for the developing openSUSE EDU project is provided in a ZDNet story. They throw in a mention of ClaSS with the news that it is being packaged as part of their server release: ClaSS is one of "two major open source student information systems" being included says ZDNet.

Codebase analysis courtesy of OHLOH
5th of January 2007
A relatively new site OHLOH provides independent stattistics on over 3000 open source projects. It uses the source repository so only covers the history of ClaSS since it switched repositories from CVS to SVN in early 2006. Having registered ClaSS, OHLOH reckons ClaSS amounts to 11 person years of development time and nearly half a million dollars worth of code.

Latest release ClaSS-0.8.5.
20th of December 2006
A much requested feature addition, the new Register book adds registration and attendance monitoring to the latest version release. ClaSS-0.8.5 is available for download from sourceforge.

File release of NEW 0.8.0 major version.
7th of November 2006
ClaSS-0.8 has been in use by schools now for a couple of months, and nearly twelve months on since the last major version upgrade, its about ready for a proper file release. This 0.8 version is the reference version for the current academic year (2006-2007). Distinguished by a complete redesign of the user-interface, including multi-lingual support, and enough new features (including admissions and enrolment tools, powerful management of reports and assessments, and curriculum packs for configuring the system), this is a major upgrade in every sense. Download available from sourceforge.

ClaSS users' page added.
27th of October 2006
A couple of hours playing around with the Google Maps API resulted the addition of a Users' page. If you are using ClaSS at your school then please do send a quick email with details and you'll be added to the map. Even better, get yourself subscribed to the ClaSS-users mailing list, let us know where you are with a post to the list, and share your impressions of using ClaSS.

ClaSS presentation at FLOSSIE 2006.
30th of July 2006
FLOSSIE is an event which aims to help understand the impact of open source solutions on UK education. It was a pleasure to participate in the 2006 conference at Bolton Technical Innovation Centre last week. And a privilege to be given the opportunity to present ClaSS as part of the official programme. Miles Berry has written a spirited summary of the event with his blog entry, in which he says some nice things about ClaSS. ClaSS also gets a good mention from Leslie Fletcher reviewing the event for the UKUUG.

Preview of upcoming 0.8 release.
10th of April 2006
The demo-site has been upgraded to offer a taster of the new look and features coming in the next stable 0.8 release (scheduled for June). See the Demo instructions to access it. It is running a snapshot of the latest development version of ClaSS and, as such, will not be without broken pages. But the progress and ambition for ClaSS-0.8 should be clear.

LWN features ClaSS.
22nd of December 2005
A little welcome publicity from the 22nd of December issue of Linux Weekly News. They have a feature about ClaSS in this week's development column. To quote their summary:

"ClaSS seems ideally suited for schools with a tight budget, and an IT staff that is reasonably proficient in the use of open-source software."

Bug-fix update to 0.6.1 available.
12th of December 2005
Update to the 0.6 version includes a couple of bug-fixes which are critical to a correct installation process.

NEW Stable version 0.6 released.
20th of November 2005
ClaSS-0.6 is not yet fully featured but it is a working system already proving useful to the information needs of schools. This 0.6 version is a stable release. It is the reference release for the current academic year (2005-2006), and will be supported with bug-fixes and upgrades for at least that period.

Major feature enhancements and changes to the underlying code mean all are recommended to upgrade from previous versions. See the Features page for a summary and read the CHANGELOG for details.

Update to the 0.5 Release
25th of August 2005
File release of ClaSS-0.5.2(dev). Further progress update to the development release before the next stable 0.6 version. The ClaSS Administrator's Guide has been updated to match.

New File Release
15th of July 2005
File release of ClaSS-0.5.0(dev). A major step forward on the way to the next stable 0.6 version, this is a preview release for developers and those wanting to check out the new ReportBook features. Changes to the database tables mean a patch is needed to make existing 0.4 databases compatible (email a request if you need it). If you're trying out ClaSS for the first time then this is the place to start.

Documentation Available
25th of May 2005
The first steps towards writing user documentation has started in response to a number of recent requests. The Installation FAQ covers some of the common hurdles installing ClaSS on a server, while the Administrator's Guide takes care of configuring ClaSS to a particular school's needs. Both are rough and unready and to be found on the documentation page.

ClaSS makes Keynote Conference Presentation
16th of April 2005
ClaSS was one of the subjects covered at a weekend conference for over eighty teachers from four schools attending the King's Schools' Conference in San Pedro de Alcantara in southern Spain. As well as being the focus of a full morning training session for secondary teachers, delegates from across the key stages attended the keynote plenary session dedicated to an introduction to ClaSS as a solution for performance tracking. Slides from the plenary are available here. The talk was warmly received and a lot of interest generated.

New File Release
23rd of January 2005
An update to the stable release is available. Go download the file release of ClaSS-0.4.2. This update includes automatic averaging of assessment grades for easy performance tracking, flagging of recent student concerns in the MarkBook, and the ability to collate reports of student concerns. Several important bug-fixes to the MarkBook.

Update to the Demo-site
17th of January 2005
The demo-site now has a full test data-set to show of its features. Login as a teacher with the Username:ProfXX and Password:guest, where XX is any number from 1 to 99. Good choices with plenty of data to see include Prof35.

New File Release
11th of November 2004
File release of ClaSS-0.4.1 (stable). Lots of bug-fixes and a new assessment feature for collating marks across subjects to track student performance.

First Stable Release
17th of October 2004
File release of ClaSS-0.4.0 (stable). After a month of bug-fixing and finishing touches a stable release is available from Sourceforge.

Demo-site to View
19th of September 2004
A live demonstration site is now up for all to view. Take a look at the ClaSS Demo Site.

Login simply as a guest to see the WebBook or as a teacher user (Username:Prof35 Password:guest) to be able to navigate all of the Books. The demo contains an empty data-set but we'll be uploading test data soon.

Warning: If you don't have an up-to-date xml-compliant browser like Mozilla Firefox then beware, it may crash your browser, and it certainly won't work as intended. We are only designing for modern, cross-platform, secure browsers like firefox as policy.

Beta Release
14th of September 2004
File release of ClaSS0.4(beta) is available from Sourceforge. This is the first public release and a major milestone. Features near full functionality of the MarkBook and InfoBook. Caps-off a massive few weeks for ClaSS and the development team.

ClaSS in School Use
31st of August 2004
ClaSS starts the new school year with its first full school implementation. At the end of a two hour training session for around fifty staff at King's College in Madrid, ClaSS has come through its biggest test yet without a single hitch. Lots of complimentary feedback from our first user-group too.

Homepage Setup
2nd of August 2004
Setup a ClaSS homepage. Location is now permanent. A fitting celebration, as the development of ClaSS started two years ago this month!

Sourceforge Registered
28th of June 2004
ClaSS is registered as a sourceforge project. The task of file updates massively eased by CVS and a permanent, reliable home for file releases is established.