ClaSS User Documentation
For users by users
A full user guide complete with screenshots and video tutorials. It is written by users of ClaSS, to help themselves and each other, using a wiki engine so anyone wishing to contribute is encouraged to do so.

Installation README
The README is for the technical person whose job it is to install the ClaSS application package on a web-server. The latest version is always Availble here.

ClaSS Technical Whitepaper
(14th July 2005)
A very early outline of the architecture and technologies behind ClaSS, along with a description of the intended use cases and an outline of the priorities for future development. Now only of historical interest. Availble here.

Database schema diagram
(30th July 2006)
A very rough and already out-of-date outline of the database schema as of version ClaSS-0.8 Availble here.